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This application contains two parts:

  1. Application, this page, contains contact and basic academic interest information.
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  2. Upload file page in which you may upload your supporting documents COMBINED in a SINGLE PDF file.
  3. After you upload your file, you may press "Finish" and the page will refresh to a "Thank you for applying" page. At that point, your application is complete and you will be sent a confirming email. Each of your recommenders will receive email notification and instructions for submitting their recommendation.
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Faculty Application - 2020

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What is your primary academic interest area?
In vivo analysis of long non-coding RNA function
RNA drug targeting or medicine
RNA protein interaction profiling
RNA structural in vivo profiling
Structural biology of RNA nanomachines

What department/unit would best fit your area of expertise?
Biological Chemistry
Cell & Developmental Biology
Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics
Human Genetics
Life Sciences Institute
Medicinal Chemistry
Molecular, Cellular & Development Biology

Senior level applicants (Associate Professor and above) are not required to list recommendation letter writers, and should instead motivate their application in their cover letter.
For applicants to the Assistant Professor rank, please list three recommenders who will be submitting letters of recommendation for you.

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Please let us know how you learned about the job posting for this faculty position.
AISES - online     AWIS - online     NATURE - online     NOBCChE - online     RNA - online     SACNAS - online
SCIENCE - online     University of Michigan - posting     Research Advisor     Word of mouth

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